He Wanted To Make His Proposal Unforgettable, So He Put The Ring On Wings

This is perfect.

Mike Pedigo, a surfboard shaper and videographer from Jacksonville, Florida had the opportunity to film something truly amazing back in May: a proposal by a man identified only as Mike to his girlfriend Jen on a beautiful shoreline illuminated by the setting sun. 

What makes this proposal extra special is that Pedigo assisted Mike in the proposal by using a drone to capture the moment and to actually deliver the engagement ring.

Here's how it went down.


First, Mike sets up the engagement ring in its box.

Then, he and Pedigo prepare the drone.

Nature has already provided the perfect romantic atmosphere...

It's beautiful outside.

The drone, carrying the ring is launched.

The drone makes its delivery... Now it's up to Mike.

Watch the heartwarming video here.

Wow. What a beautiful way to propose. Good thing that Mr. Pedigo knows how to fly that drone!
For more from Mike Pedigo, check him out on YouTube or Facebook.

Please join us in wishing Mike and Jen all the best in their life together.

Also, we know that you're probably wondering who this song is by: it's "All My Love" by Cameron Mitchell. Be sure to check him out. 


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