This Guy Flew A Drone Through Fireworks And Captures Some Gorgeous Footage

What a brilliant idea!

In the latest episode of "Why didn't we think of this," we bring you a drone flying through fireworks.


We never thought of this use for drones, but we are definitely glad someone did!

It's especially cool when fireworks start to literally go off in front of your face and you are treated to a view you never had.

Just look at this!

Keep reading for more amazing footage.

The use of a drone really lends to an incredible perspective. Watching the firework explode, from within itself, is something unique we have never quite seen before.

The drone also allows for a full 360° view and some AMAZING aerial footage. Just look at this and try to not be astonished.

Just wait until the end of the video until it starts playing in reverse. Watch on the next page.

No drones were harmed in the making of this video. You can check out the original version with Andrea Bocelli music below or the trance/techno version below that! It's up to you...

We hope you enjoyed your 4th of July!


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