They Filmed All The Heartwarming Reactions After Spreading News They're Adopting Four Siblings

Grandma's reaction is emotional.

More than 20 percent of children listed on the United States.-based AdoptUSKids photo listing have at least one sibling who is still in need of adoption. 

And while there are, of course, some added challenges with adopting multiple children, it's so important siblings get to stay together and find forever homes. Many adoptive families have helped make this a reality for sibling groups, and when news of the adoption spreads, there's usually happiness all around. 

One family spread their news in a rather unique way. Drew and Tammy Waltz adopted four siblings from Eastern Europe and filmed each of their loved ones' reactions as they were told the news.  


The video captures all of their joy, shock, and love.

The nine-minute video shows multiple friends reacting, including a tear-filled reaction from Tammy's honorary Grandma Madge that will pull at your heartstrings.

Drew and Tammy had adoption plans before they had even met each other. But the Charlotte, North Carolina-based couple's adoption journey began in fall 2016 when they came across a photo of a brother and a sister that were part of Open Hearts and Homes for Children, a hosting program. The hosting program helps orphans around the world experience life in America with a family, typically over Christmas or the summer. The program aims to help these kids find their forever homes after a five-week stay with the American family.

After speaking with the hosting organization, the Waltzes found out that the siblings from the photo had two younger brothers. The boys aged 8, 9, and 11 and their 13-year-old sister came to spend Christmas with the Waltzes later that year. They didn't speak English, so the family used translation apps and sign language to communicate.

After spending five weeks together, the four siblings returned to Eastern Europe and Tammy and Drew found themselves missing their kids. 

They wrote, "After seeing the kids off at the airport as they headed back to Eastern Europe, we instantly noticed how quiet our lives were once again. We found ourselves missing the sounds of giggling, broken English, and remote control cars racing through the house. These sounds filled our home with so much life for those few weeks."

In March 2017, the family made the decision to adopt the siblings. They were recently reunited over the summer with another hosting event. LifeSong has matched the funds the Waltzes have raised to help with the costs of adoption and the couple are currently awaiting a court date to finalize their adoption.

Tammy told TODAY that the thought of adopting siblings might seem daunting or even impossible, but it's something people shouldn't disregard. She said, "Don't let fear deter you. These kids can overcome anything with love."

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