After His Teammate Scored A Touchdown, This Quarterback's Response Was Nothing But Pure Happiness

Get it, Drew!

Sunday night, the Arizona Cardinals defeated the Seattle Seahawks 39-32, bringing the team's record to 7-2. The score was close in the final minutes of the game and the Cards needed a touchdown to seal their victory. That's exactly what they got when running back Andre Ellington rushed 48 yards for the touchdown.

It was a big moment for Ellington and the Cardinals, but clearly nobody was more excited about it than backup quarterback Drew Stanton, who was standing on the sidelines at the time. He was filled with excitement as he hopped down the field until he couldn't contain himself any longer and broke out into the most amazing dance that very nearly defies description.

The NFL tweeted a GIF of Stanton's epic moves with the absolutely spot-on description, "Touchdowns got you feelin like ..."


That kick at the end proves that he could very well give kicker Chandler Catanzaro a run for his money. 

Stanton's dance might have been the whitest and most Midwestern thing to air on television on Sunday, but it was more than that. It was the (slightly dorky) physical embodiment of the joy of football, and cheering on a teammate for making an exciting and critical play. The response was pure and that's what made it so perfect.

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(Images via NFL)

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