Drew Barrymore Still Lives By The Same Philosophy She Shared In This Childhood Letter

The best kind of throwback.

Drew Barrymore is still a child at heart and she has the letter to prove it.

The actress spent Tuesday posting throwback photos to Instagram with the hashtag #oldstorageunitday. The finds included such gems as a photo with a young Rashida Jones and a delightfully dated childhood portrait.

Drew also shared a letter she wrote to a pen pal in 1982, when she was in second grade. She writes that she likes school, and enjoys acting, jazz and swimming. Little Drew closes the sweet letter by writing, "I am happy with my life just the way I am."

It's a positive life philosophy that many of us find it harder and harder to embrace the older we get, as grown-up stresses weigh us down. Many adults continue to idealize childhood as a golden age they can never reclaim

For Drew Barrymore, however, things haven't changed.

The star, now 41, captioned her letter with the hashtag #stillfeelthesame. 

Drew certainly shows it, as she consistently proves herself to be one of the most positive figures in Hollywood. That's especially meaningful considering the troubles she experienced growing up, as she entered rehab and became emancipated from her parents before she even reached her sixteenth birthday.

Earlier this year, Drew shared her optimistic outlook with Good Housekeeping.

"Happiness is the best makeup," she said. "A smile is going to be better than any lipstick you buy."

She added, "We were all put on this planet to make each other feel good."

That philosophy, much like the one Drew shared in second grade, is something we can all aspire to, no matter our age.

Cover image via Instagram

(H/T: Today)

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