Buckle Up. This Group Is Helping Kids With Illnesses Forget For A Moment With A Crazy Joy Ride.

"It's not about the car, it's about the person."

Forgetting about an illness, even just for a moment, is a powerful feeling.


One group by the name of I Like Giving, aims to do just that with their program "Dream Drives For Kids."

They invite sick kids, like Jake who has OPD (Otopalatodigital syndrome) and Adeline who has battled leukemia, to their dream garage to pick out any exotic car they want to go for a spin in. 

They can choose anything ranging from a Lamborghini...

To a Ferrari...

To a rare McLaren.

So jealous!

The looks on their faces when they first see the cars are priceless, but just wait until they go for their joy ride.

The next Danica Patrick?

In this episode, Jake and Adeline choose a fire red Ferrari and we can't agree more with their choice.

Strapped in with her stuffed animal and all, Adeline is definitely feeling the need for speed!

Jake seems to be having the time of his life as well. Hands up!

Be sure to Like Dream Drives For Kids on Facebook and Instagram. You can find out more about this program on their website here.

You can also follow I Like Giving on Facebook here.

Watch the heartwarming video below.

This gives a whole brand new meaning to "I feel the need for speed."


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