The Internet Is Having A Hard Time Containing Its Feels After Hearing Drake's New Album

Why we gotta fight at Cheesecake?

Drake released his latest studio album "Views From The 6" on Friday and it didn't take long for the internet to start reacting.


Basically, whenever Drake releases new music, expect Twitter to explode. Needless to say, some people also started getting in their feels.

You can check out some of the best Tweets below. 

Please excuse us while we go grab some tissues and ice cream. Why we gotta fight at Cheesecake? Now we don't even know where to go get dinner tonight.

You kinda wanna text an ex. Not a good idea.

Don't hit send. Don't do it.

Some guys are getting too caught up in the moment.

Making us feel emotions we didn't even know we had for people who don't exist.

Even worse, then comes the moment you realize Drake is dating your girl.

So, you may or may not need this starter pack. Tears not included.

We mainly don't check voicemails anymore, because only credit collectors are hitting us up. We're guessing Drake has different problems.

Either way, Drake really is such a visual artist.

And we all get really excited when a new album is released.

Well, except for SOME people who don't listen to Drake.

Chrysler is definitely listening, though, and is basking in it. You go, Chrysler. You go.

Elite Daily took the day off, understandably. Expect, roughly, 1,000 relationship advice articles come Monday, though.

Because the album is so epic, not even "Toy Story" can compete.

"Take Care," internet. God bless.


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