Drake Throws On His Signature Turtleneck Yet Again For New Super Bowl Commercial

You can still call him on his cellphone.

As we get closer to Super Bowl Sunday, we are beginning to get a look at the commercials that will grace our screens.


On Tuesday, T-Mobile premiered its new commercial, "Restricted Bling," with the one and only Drizzy Drake.

During the 30-second spot, an executive with his group of lawyers comes storming through the now infamous "Hotline Bling" set, where Drizzy is busy getting his dance moves on.

They inform the OVO honcho that he needs to add a few specific changes to the lyrics of his song for the commercial.

And Drake loves changes.

Now, Drake just needs to add in a few lines such as "Device eligible for upgrade after 24 months."

Drake, cool as a cucumber, simply responds "genius" and "fantastic idea ... these changes don't ruin the song at all!"

Not one bit! Check out Drake's commercial below:


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