Drake Has Beef With Basically Everyone On 'SNL' — And Raps About It In This Ridiculous Skit

"I could never trust you, 'cause you were rude to my hat."

Drake hosted Saturday Night Live once again over the weekend and he did not disappoint. In a skit titled "Drake's Beef," the rapper took issue with nearly every cast member, as well as the cleaning lady, and Lorne Michaels. After each person "disrespected" him in one way or another, Drake rapped about how offended he was. 

For instance, Aidy Bryant moved his hat off of a chair so she could sit. "Hey, anybody using this chair?"

Drake doesn't respond, but the incident inspires a new rap. 

"Actually, I was, you bitch / It was for my hat / But you took it from me / Now we never going back / I could never trust you / 'Cause you were rude to my hat / If Josh Gad was here / He would've made me laugh." 

See what else sets him off in the video above.

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