Before Drake Was Starring On 'SNL,' He Was A Teen Honing His Acting Game In Improv Class

We would've paid to see this.

Recently, the CBC did a feature on the Toronto nightspot called The Rivoli.

It is currently going through some renovations and the new owners are trying to educate a younger crowd about the fruitful history of the club.

To name a few historic moments, Amy Winehouse played pool in the club before her first-ever performance in Toronto, Adele has performed there, Dave Grohl once impressed Iggy Pop with his drum skills backstage, and more.

Somehow, the owners were also able to find some footage of a young Drake performing some improvisation with his partner. Who knew at that moment in time we would see Drizzy taking his talents from a stage like that to 30 Rock for Saturday Night Live.

You can watch Drake in action below:


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