Dove's 'My Beauty My Say' Campaign Celebrates Women's Achievements Instead Of Their Looks

"I'm not going to be defined by anyone's expectations."

It can be flattering when someone compliments a women's appearance, but that isn't all she wants to be recognized for. She wants people to celebrate her for her hard work, determination, strength, confidence, and more. 

That is the message from Dove's latest empowering campaign, #MyBeautyMySay. The beauty brand launched the campaign by releasing a video featuring different women who are defining beauty on their own terms. 

In the description for campaign, Dove writes, "Somewhere along the way, it has become the norm to judge women based on their appearance and use their beauty against them. With the #MyBeautyMySay campaign we feature stories of amazing women who stood up for their own beauty."


The video has different women of all ages, occupations and sizes including model Rain Dove, blogger Jessica Torres and professional kickboxer Heather Hardy. They come from all different walks of life, but they all have one thing in common:  

The women are unapologetically themselves.

The video highlights some of the struggles the women have had to go through based on their appearances, including how people have made wrong judgment calls and called them hurtful names. The women explain how they have shattered these preconceptions and want to continue to break beauty standards. As one woman proudly says, "I don't want to change my teeth. They have nothing to do with my capabilities." 

Dove's positive ethos has always been an integral part of its advertising. In previous campaigns, the brand has helped curly-haired girls love their hair texture, encouraged everyone to feel beautiful, and aided us in silencing our harsh inner critics. Now, Dove wants you to define beauty according to your standards with the #MyBeautyMySay campaign.

A lot of beauty ads promote one type of beauty ideal and encourage us to try to conform to it. Dove has always celebrated us for us. The brand wants women to be proud and love themselves for who they are, and that is something that is truly beautiful.

(H/T: Mashable)

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