Dove's 'Mannequin Challenge' Isn't Like The Others Because It Actually Makes An Important Point About Beauty

" ... there are many shapes, colors and sizes to real beauty."

We've seen everyone from a group of 4-year-olds to 2016's Presidential Medal of Freedom honorees try out the Mannequin Challenge — a social media craze where a videographer captures people striking a pose while standing completely still. But when Dove took on the viral trend, we couldn't help but applaud their efforts.

"Why do actual mannequins rarely represent our diverse bodies?" it says in Dove's video's description

In their version, a group of diverse women with different body types stand frozen in a clothing store while wearing the same clothes as the mannequins in front of them. Their faces say it all. 


Dove has become known for creating advertisements that remind people that beauty is so much more than skin deep and that we are our own harshest critics

"When we saw everyone doing the Mannequin Challenge, we thought, 'Why haven't we ever seen a mannequin that looks like us?' This seemed like the perfect opportunity to connect Dove's point of view with a current conversation," Andre Laurentino Global Executive Creative Director at Ogilvy & Mather London told Adweek. "This is a lighthearted way of reminding us that there are many shapes, colors and sizes to real beauty. The messages which influence how we perceive our bodies are everywhere, whether we notice them or not. So, we decided to use the opportunity, join the phenomenon, and have fun making our own Mannequin Challenge video — with a slight spin on it." 

(H/T: Adweek)

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