The Heartbreaking Place Our Daughters Develop Poor Self-Esteem

What's your beauty legacy?

"We both don't like our nose."

That's what one of the moms in Dove's latest ad campaign says after seeing her daughter's list of what she likes and doesn't like about her body. The company, known for their enlightening social beauty experiments, asked moms and their daughters, separately, to write what they disliked and liked about their appearance.

Most of the moms criticized certain body parts such as their thighs, eyes and arms. And when they received their daughter's list, they were shocked to find how similar the girls' lists looked to their own.

"Self worth and beauty, it is an echo," one moms says. "How I feel about myself really reflects how she feels about herself," said another.

Which brings us back to the kicker of Dove's campaign: What's your beauty legacy?

(H/T: Ad Week)



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