As Girls, These Four Women Impacted The Sport Of Double Dutch Forever And Inspired Many

Meet the real-life Fantastic Four.

You may have played double dutch in school just for fun during recess, but these four women — when they were just young girls — made a lasting impact on the jump roping sport and inspired many others all across the country.

Sharing their name with a Marvel superhero team, The Fantastic Four was a group of young ladies who, in 1978, began getting serious about double dutch — which went from a street game to a competitive team sport in 1973 — and won the 1979 World Wide Double Dutch Championship. The dynamic quartet included: Delores Brown Finlayson, De'Shone Adams Goodson, Adrienne "Nikki" Adams Howell, and Robin Oakes Watterson.

A Plus caught up with these women — as well as filmmaker Skip Blumberg, who made the double dutch documentary Pick Up Your Feet in 1981 — to discuss the impact this sport had on them. As they explain, it gave them somewhere to be, inspired them to not give up on their dreams, as well as helped them both leave their community and also represent it.

"You know, there was some poverty. People weren't really encouraged, they weren't inspired," Goodson explained in the video. "So with this double dutch aspect that came along … it gave young girls hope, something that they feel a part of and it can actually take them to another level. And it actually did."

Watch the video above to hear the full story of double dutch and The Fantastic Four.

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