This Couple Draws Doodles Instead Of Taking Selfies To Document Their Time Together

And they're inspiring us to plan more dates.

Most people take selfies on their smartphones to document the things they do together and the dates they go on. But Andreas and Felicia Hutabarat decided to combine their creative passions to make something even better. Felicia loves doodling while Andreas is passionate about photography. Together, the Indonesian couple created Doodledeux, an Instagram project that showcases the adventures they go on through two doodled characters they created. 

"We were just having our regular date over cups of coffee when we suddenly had an idea on documenting our journey in a different way," the couple wrote in their first Instagram post. "Doodle according to free dictionary means 'to draw or sketch something aimlessly.' Deux in French means 'two' or it can also mean 'about them.' So Doodledeux is our personal project where we share our story as a couple with a little help from our caricatures, let's just call them Abang and Neng." 

Whether it be during a trip to the aquarium, sightseeing in a new city, or just on a coffee date, Abang and Neng are hand drawn and then held up for a photo to show the experience the real couple had. Their Instagram account is filled with photos that feature adorable doodles of Abang and Neng traveling, eating, and having fun. 

The project has actually inspired Andreas and Felicia to go on more adventures together. "Ever since we got a positive response and attention from everywhere around the world, we've become more and more excited to continue the work and travel more. We grow closer as a couple and excellent as a team," Felicia told A Plus. "Previously our dates were spent mostly in malls, going to the cinemas, and having dinner. Now, we're really eager to do more, travel more, and adventure more. Still, it has to be within the budget and our busy schedule as advertising workers." 

The couple hopes that people who see their project will be inspired to start one of their own. "We've learned that having a project with your partner gives you a purpose," Felicia said. "A purpose to do more exciting dates, dream bigger and stay committed. It spices up your relationship! So, we hope others can also find that special something they can do with their partners, however little it is, to keep the excitement in your relationship. It doesn't have to be in a form of doodles. It could be anything as long as you do it happily and passionately with your partner." 

Each Abang and Neng doodle is unique and takes about half an hour to draw. The couple also posts captions with each photo to let their thousands of followers know a little bit more about their day. Each one is enough to inspire you to plan a fun date of your own whether it be with the Abang to your Neng, your best friend, or just with yourself. 

Check out some of their doodled adventures below: 
















(H/T: Neatorama


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