Each Year, This Mother And Her Daughters Create An Adorable Oscars-Themed Photo Series

And the winner for best picture is ...

In 2011, Maggie Storino started a photo series with her kids inspired by award season. It's called Don't Call Me Oscar, and when you it, you'll understand how the series got its name. 

Don't Call Me Oscar started after Storino sent her sister, Marnie, photos of her daughter Sophia, 4, dressed as the Oscar nominees for best picture. 

"My sister Marnie [Hanel] was covering the Oscars for VF.com, so one afternoon I decided to send her photos of the baby in Academy Award tableaux," Storino told Vanity Fair.

Once Storino discovered the mass appeal of her daughter dressing up as fictional characters, she created a Tumblr appropriately named Don't Call Me Oscar.


Each year, her and her daughters, Sophia and Sadie, 3, work together to recreate scenes from that year's list of best picture nominees. This year the trio became a quartet when Storino's youngest daughter, 8-month-old Sloane, also joined in on the fun.

The mother of three told Today the series takes "about a month" to pull off, each photo taking roughly a week for set up.

Storino tries to pick scenes from the films based around props they may already have around the house.

When it came to Brooklyn, she knew they had a very similar doorknob that was visible in one scene. The only problem was they didn't have a blue door with a window or matching wallpaper. "I knew we'd figure it out," Storino told Today

The creative mom says her girls take their parts in the photoshoots very seriously. Sadie has even asked her mom for the backstory of a still from a film. She then took what she knew, and reenacted what she believed happened in the scene, and Storino was sold on the shot.

As for how many tries it takes to get the perfect picture, Storino says, "there are no re-shoots, and we're done before lunch."  

So far the mother-daughter tradition has gone on for five years and the family says there's no sign of stopping it just yet. Although mom says whenever her girls don't find it fun anymore the Oscar recreations will be put to rest.

You can check out the past years' nominees on Don't Call Me Oscar's Instagram or Tumblr.


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