When This Mom Found Out Her Daughter Was Part Of A 'Bullying Act,' She Took Immediate Action

An involved parent is the key to ending bullying.

Donielle Dabney discovered that her daughter, Kelsey, was part of a "bullying act" at school two weeks ago. Following the incident, Dabney, a 29-year-old mother from Detroit, made a Facebook post that all parents should read and take to heart.

"Walked her in school and made her bypass her locker and go straight to the little girl she kicked and apologize to her," Dabney wrote on Facebook. "I apologized to her and let her know Kelsey is not raised that way...And as for recess...Kelsey will be sitting in class writing an apology letter to that little girls mom because I can only imagine how she feels (because I know I would have raised hell if it was my child)!"

"Parents teach your kids that bullying is not ok," she added. "Kids are committing suicide these days!!! I WILL NOT RAISE BULLIES AND NEITHER SHOULD YOU!! IT STARTS WITH US....LETS BE AWARE!!!"

After her Facebook post received more than 44,000 shares, Dabney wrote a follow-up post to express her gratitude.

"I'm so grateful that everybody took the time to share my stat," she wrote. "We probably stopped so many bullies already by making parents pay closer attention."

(H/T: Mirror)

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