Why Journalists Are Tweeting Their Support For Reporter Katy Tur

Luckily, she says she has the "hide of a rhinoceros."

NBC journalist Katy Tur has been covering Donald Trump's campaign ever since the real estate mogul began his journey infamously descending an escalator at the Trump Tower in New York City. In the past year and half, Tur has been repeatedly singled out by Trump at rallies and press conferences during his spiels about a media bias, and subsequently become a prime target for many Trump supporters. Once, when the GOP nominee pointed her out in a sea of faces during a speech, calling her a liar and a third-rate reporter, Tur had to be escorted to her car by Secret Service after the crowd turned on her.

On Wednesday, with six days left to go until election day, Trump was campaigning in Florida, giving a speech in which he talked about the massive crowds he draws — and then, again, singles out Tur among the reporters for not reporting the sizes of his rallies.

"There's something happening, they're not reporting it," Trump said, gesturing to the media. "Katy, you're not reporting it, Katy. But there's something happening, Katy."


The boos and jeers from the crowd are evident, and many journalists quickly took to Twitter to criticize Trump's actions.

Tur herself chimed in on the incident on NBC later that day. "Well, I do have the hide of a rhinoceros, so that helps," she told Brian Williams, adding that it was a "unique experience" to have a huge crowd booing you while staring you down. 

She also picked apart Trump's claim that the media doesn't show his crowds at rallies. "The idea that we're not showing this movement is just factually incorrect," she said. "This is a schtick that he does to rile up his base. It's to give them an excuse for polls that might not be in his favor. It's to give them an excuse to berate somebody other than Donald Trump and to blame somebody for something that doesn't look as good as they want it to look."

But along with the backlash came an outpour of support and encouragement for Tur, from her fellow journalists and beyond. Many praised her tireless work. 

Even TV personality Montel Williams chimed in, too, tweeting at Tur that he was glad his daughter had women like her to look up to in the industry.

For her part, Tur seemed unfazed. And the overwhelming support that Twitter expressed for her was just another example of how people are countering hateful, divisive speech this election season. 

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