Eat This Burrito And Live And You'll Be Part Owner Of A Brooklyn Restaurant

No bathroom breaks allowed.

Gothamist reports that Don Chingon, a Mexican restaurant in Brooklyn, N.Y.'s Park Slope neighborhood is attracting the attention of local media and ambitious eaters with the offer of a 10 percent stake in the eatery with just one condition: aspirational restauranteurs must complete a small challenge ...

So what's the challenge?


Eating a 30-pound burrito stuffed with steak, chicken, pork, rice, beans, salsa and cheese in an hour or less.

Oh, and you have to wash it down with a ghost pepper margarita, which could be interesting if you've just eaten a 30 pound behemoth composed of meat, cheese and assorted carbohydrates. 

No bathroom breaks are allowed. 

Additionally, the burrito and margarita cost $150, which actually isn't that bad for a New York restaurant.

Who would try something like this? Journalists, apparently. The New York Daily News sent intrepid reporter Gersh Kuntzman to try to tackle the titanic tortilla and he lived to tell the tale. 

Owner Vic Robey told the "Daily News" that the burrito requires two massive tortillas and is packed with 10 pounds of rice and 10 pounds of assorted meats.

The rest of the weight is made up of cheese, beans and salsa.

Kuntzman made an incredibly courageous attempt, but ultimately only made it through just under four pounds.

That's still the equivalent of about four burritos.

"By minute 22," Kuntzman wrote, "I knew my dreams of owning a restaurant were over. At 40 minutes, I hoped that my dreams of merely surviving hadn't similarly expired."


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