$1,300 Mistakenly Came With His Pizza. His Reward Was Beyond Worth Returning It.

Sometimes it pays big time to do the right thing.

Imagine answering your door in excitement for the half-pepperoni, half-veggie pizza you just ordered for dinner. It's Friday night, you're exhausted and practically starving after a long week, and you can't wait to sink your teeth into the first bite. You pay the delivery guy, tip generously, and swing the boxes of pizza and chicken wings around to rush them into the kitchen.

The second you open the wings box, your heart drops as you realize immediately there's something wrong. No wings. Then your eyes focus on what's there in their place and your heart jumps up a thousand levels.


$1,300 in cash.

Maybe it wasn't a Friday night and maybe it wasn't such dire hunger, but that's more or less what happened to Mike Vegas of Berkeley, Calif., when a Domino's driver left $1,300 in a chicken wings box he planned to take to the bank. That box was mistakenly given to Vegas in place of his wings.

After stowing away his leftovers without eating much (guess he really wasn't that hungry at all), Vegas went to work that night and noticed his phone was ringing nonstop. When clocking out he checked his messages and who should it be but his pizza delivery guy.

So clearly his conscience won over, which ended up being great news for him.

As thanks for returning the $1,300, apparently Domino's gave Vegas free pizza for a year. If he's really into pizza, he just might be able to make that a $1,300 deal. The challenge starts now.

(H/T: Foodbeast)

Cover image via Shutterstock.


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