A Bunch Of Different People Invited To Sit In Front Of A Camera Share A Heartbreaking Secret

Suddenly not so different.

For some reason, people are made to believe that bad things are not going to happen to them or their loved ones. Like getting struck by lightning, falling onto subway tracks, developing cancer — it all sounds so impossible ... until it happens.

To prove that no one is exempt from experiencing life's trials and tribulations, college students Benjamin Graves and Karla Henderson produced a short video in collaboration with a charity organization Safe Partnership.


The video features a bunch of people sitting in front of a camera, staring right into the lens.

These are people from all walks of life.

Men, women, boys and girls.

But there's a hard-hitting trait that connects all of them. Can you notice it?

What about now?

According to the producers, "the video attempts to raise awareness for domestic abuse and show that anybody could be affected." And it does just that. The footage is a great reminder that signs of abuse are not always visible and that the problem of domestic violence is rather universal.

Watch the full video below:


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