6 Hilarious Ways To Survive Life As Someone Who's Young And Broke


Millennials know all too well how much the current economy sucks. The job hunt is brutal, paying bills has and will always suck, and the student loan fairy never visits. Buyer's remorse seems to kick in after every single purchase from that bodega egg-and-cheese (who can afford bacon?) to that new outfit for work. Did we mention student loans?

Artist Dolly Li hilariously illustrated some of the ways to survive the too-real struggle of being both young and broke. Check out some of her humorous illustrations below: 


1. Meet your friends for lunch at their startups. Eat their free food. Take extras home in Tupperware for later.

2. Share streaming accounts with as many people as you can.

3. Use Tinder for more important things than love such as furnishing your apartment and getting cheeseburgers.

4. Rent out your pet.

5. If weed is legal in your state, start growing and selling it.

6. Marry your roommate to reap health care and tax benefits. Plus, you won't have to move any of your stuff.

You can follow Li on Twitter at @dollyli

(H/T: DesignTaxi)

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