These Dogs Perfectly Capture Every Single Person You Met In High School

We've seen these types before.

We all met some ... interesting people in high school.

There's the jock, the Goth, the annoying substitute teacher and, of course, the drama queen.

Now one brilliant Twitter account called Dogs in High School is recapturing all of those wonderful people with the most perfect memes of dogs.

We were feeling nostalgic today, so this was definitely needed for some laughs.

1. The captain of the football team.

2. The introspective dancer.

3. That funny Earth science teacher who tries just a ~little~ too hard to be hip and happenin'.

4. The dreaded substitute teacher.

5. The stoner. 'Nuff said.

6. The Goth.

7. The elder, sassy sex ed teacher.

8. The "ruff" gang member, who's probably just a sweetheart on the inside.

9. The girl who will flip out if you touch her binder.

10. The drama queen always acting like life is tough.

11. The anti-Regina George.

12. The ladies' man has only one thing on his mind.


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