18 Dogs Who Were Caught In The Act


1. The dog who is actually proud of what he did.

2. The mischievous pup with an insatiable appetite for destruction.

3. This dog who hates Kurt Vonnegut.

4. The dog who taught the teddy bear who's boss.

5. The dog who immediately regrets her decision.

6. The dog who's really sorry.

7. The dog who could hide the evidence.


8. The dog who's doing everything to avoid eye contact.

9. The dog who just robbed your piggy bank.

10. This dog who's reveling in her kill.

11. The dog who just realized how much trouble she's in.

12. This dog who just wanted a snack.

13. The dog that was just trying to liven up the room.

14. The dog who probably isn't sorry for what he did.

15. The dog who got frustrated with the Sunday crossword.

16. This dog who just wanted to give you a makeover.

17. This dog who was literally caught red handed pawed.


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