If There's One Thing The U.K. Can Agree On, It's The #DogsAtPollingStations Hashtag

"Voting for a pawsitive future."

Thursday marks the United Kingdom's general election, as citizens vote for who they want to represent them in Parliament. Much focus is on the leaders of the two major parties — Theresa May (Conservatives) and Jeremy Corbyn (Labour). The number of elected MPs (Members of Parliament) for each party will determine who is prime minister.

It's a major decision for the country, especially considering upcoming Brexit negotiations, and many voters may be in need of some stress relief as they head to the polls. Luckily, it looks like there are plenty of dogs around to lighten the mood.

Humans are taking their furry friends to their voting sites and snapping photos of them beside "Polling Station" signs, often including clever captions and the hashtag #DogsAtPollingStations on Twitter. Regardless of party, most people can probably agree that dogs make any election better. And who knows, the prospect of petting a pooch might even encourage more people to get out and vote.

It's not the first time Brits have taken to social media to share their photos of their pups at the polls. The hashtag started during the 2015 general election, and has lasted through other elections since then. We don't see it getting old anytime soon. This year the hashtag even has a very special emoji attached to it, featuring a dog wearing a Union Jack — the flag of the U.K.

Some dogs were dressed for the occasion.

Some humans just couldn't resist a pun.

Some were just happy to be there.

And really, why should cats be excluded?

Or horses?


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