Here's What Happens When You Try To Get A Baby To Say 'Mama,' But A Hungry Dog Is Nearby


In an adorable video posted to Reddit with the caption "That awkward moment when you try to get your newborn to say 'mum' for the first time — and the dog responds instead," a mom tries to get her son to say the magical word, baiting the baby with food. Meanwhile their trained Australian Shepard named Patch sits next to the baby, and is clearly more eager for the treat — as he's the first to mouth the words "Ma-ma."  

In the video it says, "Don't worry! Patch got his treat too." So stop worrying. 

The moment is pretty adorable.

But this dog isn't the only pet loving his mama enough to call her by name. Lots of other dogs and cats can "talk" too... 

Check it out:

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