They Thought This Dog Was Sleeping In Her Owner's Grave. They Were Wrong.

What a smart dog.

When we saw Imgur user FakeToupet post this beautiful album on the popular photo-sharing site earlier today, we knew we had to share it with you.


It seems this picture of a dog in a grave has been circulating in Serbia, with many believing the grave is that of the animal's former owner...

...but that wasn't the case at all.

The dog had a litter of four puppies that she was trying to keep warm and safe. A burrow in the grave was the best place for them.

Vesna Mihajloski, an animal rescuer, took the mother and pups to a new home.

Under Mihajloski's care, the puppies started getting healthier...

...with Mama dog never far from their side.

The puppies are now healthy and cared for...

...and the family is happy in their new home.

It doesn't take much to help animals. Instead of going to a pet store, consider rescue or adoption for your next animal companion.

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