This Guy Thinks People Can Tell He's A Virgin Because Of This One, Small Detail

Ah, the sexy "before & after" experiment

In addition to being a YouTube star, Juzdin Chuson is also a virgin — and he's pretty sure people can tell just by looking at him. So he took to the streets of New York City to find out.


After enough people awkwardly shrugged and sheepishly nodded their heads, Juzdin got the message: These people could smell his virginity from a mile away. 

It turns out he had planned for this very scenario. He was working on a theory and this was all part of his experiment.  He figured the dead giveaway wasn't just the simple fact that he's never gotten it on.

He thought there must be something about the way he was presenting himself, and he wanted to see if making one simple change would help him look less like a virgin. (No, he did not lose his virginity just for this experiment.) 

Watch what happens when this kid gets a sexy, new haircut.

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