They Didn't Want DJ Khaled On 'The Ellen Show,' But Yet, Here We Are

Congratulations, they played themselves.

They don't want DJ Khaled to win, but that hasn't stopped him.


The triumphant DJ, mogul, and entrepreneur appeared on The Ellen Show to talk about his major keys to success.

Ellen loves DJ Khaled's Snapchat and positivity so much she had to have him on the show to discuss how he does it.

He first explained the meaning behind his phrase, "They don't want you to win."

He told Ellen that "they" are the haters, the people you need to stay away from.

Whether it's enjoying a meal, making a business deal or trying to succeed in life, there is always going to be a "they," but you need to ignore them.

"They" didn't want him on the No. 1 show either, but Khaled made it.

Not only did he make it, but Ellen also had some awesome gifts for Khaled, such as a brand-new "Major Key" T-shirt and an awesome chain.

He was so excited, he took out his phone and began Snapchatting the event as it unfolded.

At the end of the episode, they both expressed how much they admire one another. He even told Ellen that she's "a boss."

That she is.

You can check out the inspirational clip below:


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