How A Can Of Soup Can Save Your Life In The Woods

A good old-fashioned DIY survival tool.

If you've ever hiked or camped in the woods, chances are you know to bring a device of some sort that can serve as a long-distance call for help in an emergency. If you've imagined yourself in Survivor-type situations just to gauge if you could make it out alive, you've likely considered this, too. But learning to traverse the woods also entails knowing how to adapt to unexpected circumstances. 

The popular DIY Youtube account Specific Love Creations recently uploaded a video teaching the ultimate lost-in-the-woods hack: how to fashion a "survival whistle" out of the lid of a tin can with the help of a nail. 

"I wanted to help others if they ever had a moment of getting lost," the person behind Specific Love Creations told Popular Science. "I was inspired when I saw a similar item by another person — but they missed out on the survival aspect."


Those who love the outdoors have long resorted to DIY measures that not only help in emergency situations, but also cut costs for what can be an expensive hobby. According to the 2014 American Camper Report, more than 40 million Americans went camping the year before.

(H/T: PopSci)

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