What If Disney Princesses Were Based On True Historic Female Heroines?

This goes beyond kissing a frog.

Ball gowns and tiaras are too much? Check out these alternative ass-kicking princesses instead.

Jason Porath, former DreamWorks animator, runs a blog called Rejected Princesses dedicated to females of our history who for some reason wouldn't make the cut for a mainstream animation. Regardless the fact, Porath thinks there are numbers of "unsung heroines" who are too awesome, awful or offbeat and he's glad to put them under the spotlight in his blog.

British spy instead of Ariel? Yes, please.

Hatshepsut, the Unforgotten Princess (1508-1458 BC)

Jason Porath

Every week, Porath picks one badass female from history, mythology or literature, and gives them a Disney-like look along with a detailed background of their real-life personalities. "It's a sort of an alternate-reality glimpse into, 'What if they got their moment in the sun'?" Porath told NPR.

Pictured above is Hatshepsut, arguably the greatest pharaoh in history. Porath says he used such distorted perspective in order to picture the whole world kneeling before her.

Ida B. Wells, Princess of the Press (1862-1931)

Jason Porath

Ida B. Wells is yet another unsung princess. She was an African-American journalist, newspaper editor, women's rights activist and leader in the civil rights movement. Her most prominent work includes documenting lynching in the United States.

Porath says the idea for Rejected Princesses came totally out of the blue during a lunchtime conversation:

"There was an article going around about how the Frozen princesses weren't good role models, and I asked, 'well, we can SURELY do worse than them — who is the least likely candidate for an animated princess you can think of?' I asked it on my Facebook shortly thereafter, and got around 150 replies from my friends," he told Legion of Leia.

Suggestions started flying in and Porath just couldn't resist. His love for rare and weird collided with him being a feminist and a total information junkie. In that creative messiness, the blog was born.

Khutulun, the Wrestler Princess (1260-1306)

Jason Porath

Born into the family of Mongol Empire's ruler, Khutulun was an extraordinary addition to the fearsome Mongolian military. Growing up with 14 brothers, she perfectly mastered the skills of horse riding, shooting bows, and... wrestling.

According to the artist, he doesn't seek to picture his characters as shiny, happy, kick-butt heroines. His most important goal is to get the facts straight. Thus, every artwork requires a lot of research and the drawing in based mainly on his findings.

Mariya Oktyabrskaya, the Tank Princess (1905-1944)

Jason Porath

Apparently, Porath has a thing for badass females and Mariya Oktyabrskaya is definitely one of them. Mariya was a Soviet tank driver during the WWII and the first female tanker to be awarded the Hero of the Soviet Union award.

Mariya is also one of the Jason's favorites so far. He says he would love to do a buddy movie about Sergeant Mariya Oktyabrskaya and her tank, Fighting Girlfriend.

Ching Shih, Princess of the Chinese Seas (1775-1844)

Jason Porath

While most of Porath's unsung heroines were wading on the ground. Ching Shih was ruling the waters. Lady Ching was a prominent pirate leading a crew of around 80,000, including women and children.

Petra Herrera, the Soldadera Princess (late 1800s-early 1900s)

Jason Porath

Another tough woman on Jason Porath's list is Colonel Petra "Pedro" Herrera. During the Mexican revolution, she was a demolitions expert and leader of an all-female brigade.

Noor Inayat Khan, the Spy Princess (1914-1944)

Jason Porath

Noor Inayat Khan was a British secret again during WWII and worked as a radio operator in occupied Paris. The only radio operator out there. According to Porath, the average lifespan of such occupation was six weeks but Khan lasted almost five months. She was numerous times imprisoned and escaped the Gestapo, secret police of Nazi Germany.

(H/T: NPR)

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