What Disney Princesses Would Look Like Way, Way Older

Still stunning!

Disney princesses. Almost all — okay, all — of the time they're portrayed as women who are young, beautiful, thin and pretty much perfect. Come to think of it, women are basically portrayed that way in major media for the most part, too. Women who are "too thin" or "too fat," "too tall" or "too short and "too old" are few and far between.

For some reason, society has conditioned women to feel that aging, in particular, is bad, ugly or both. As Shannon Ridgeway wrote for Everyday Feminism: "In America, we either ignore old people or make fun of them." But they're people, too, and those common stereotypes we see of them couldn't be further from the truth. 

Older people, women in particular, from Madonna to Hillary Clinton, are doing pretty awesome things. And thanks to Huffington Post editor and illustrator Tiara Chiaramonte, they can now be Disney princesses, too.

Chiaramonte designed versions of the princesses — from Belle to Cinderella — a few years older than what we're used to seeing them as, but they're still every bit as beautiful. After all, you don't stop being a bada** ruler once you hit 50. 

Isn't that right, Queen Elizabeth?

Check out the aged Disney princesses below:






All images courtesy of Tiara Chiaramonte/The Huffington Post.

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