If Disney Princesses Sang In Their Native Languages, It'd Sound Like This

Wait until you hear Mulan sing "Reflection" in Mandarin Chinese.

People young and old can appreciate children's Disney movies because they transport us to other worlds. Whether it's Ariel's underwater kingdom, Elsa's snow castle, or Princess Jasmine's home in the fictional land of Agrabah, it's hard not to get lost in the magic. 

But one thing we often overlook is the fact that each Disney princess, no matter where they are located, all seem to know and speak English. 

While it's certainly understandable why we are asked to suspend our disbelief and accept this fantastical element, it's fun to wonder what these princesses might have sounded like in their native tongues. 

Perhaps songs like "Reflection" from Mulan would sound even better in Mandarin Chinese. And just imagine Elsa from Frozen singing in Norwegian, Ariel from The Little Mermaid singing in Danish, and Rapunzel fromTangled singing in German. Better yet, think of Jasmine from Aladdin singing in Arabic. 

To show us just how beautiful these princesses' songs would sound in their original languages, YouTube channel Movie Munchies compiled clips from a few Disney movies. 

Watch the video below to hear Disney princesses sing in their native tongues.

If that wasn't enough for you, watch the video below to see Belle from Beauty and the Beast singing in French, Snow White from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves singing in German, Meg from Hercules singing in Greek, Aurora from Sleeping Beauty singing in French, and Anna from Frozen singing in Norwegian.

We like Meg from "Hercules" singing in Greek the best. Enjoy:

(H/T: ViralNova

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