7 Pick-Up Lines The Disney Princes Would Definitely Use On Tinder

Maybe they're not the most romantic, but they sure are magical.

Online dating can be a bit of a numbers game — so what would happen if the Disney princes were playing it?

On Tinder, they'd probably maximize their possible matches by first enchanting their smartphone to automatically swipe right on everyone. (Magic-doers like Genie and the Three Good Fairies will be happy to help. Ursula might take a little convincing.)

Then, they'd sift through the results and send a carefully constructed message to all of the princesses they think they'd enjoy spending their "ever after" with. The message, which they'd copy and paste from chat to chat, would be sweet and witty — something sure to make the princesses smile and write back.

What would they write exactly? Well, here are a few pick-up lines we thought could be a few possibilities.



Cate Matthews/A+

The Beast

Cate Matthews/A+


Cate Matthews/A+

Prince Eric

Cate Matthews/A+

Prince Phillip

Cate Matthews/A+

Prince Charming

Cate Matthews/A+

Prince Naveen

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