Random Shoppers Partake In A Heated Dance Battle With None Other Than Famous Disney Characters

'Wait ... I think I'm being shadowed by Goofy.'


Not so long ago, hanging out at the shopping mall was probably the No. 1-coolest thing to do as a teenager. Scuffing benches, gossiping about your classmates, window shopping 'cause what else is there left to do when you spend your entire allowance playing teddy picker?

Now the hype is pretty much dead. But stunts like this could easily bring them back to life.

Earlier this year, Long Island shoppers were pleasantly surprised by an unexpected fairy tale performance at one of the local malls. The gig was organized by the Umbra Penumbra Magic Shop and featured some of the most famous Disney characters — Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Elsa, etc. — challenging random visitors to a dance battle.

The atmosphere heated up pretty fast, we gotta tell you that! Check out the full video above.


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