16 Disney Dogs That Think They're So Cute

Stop trying to make fetch happen.

1. You think you're so cute don't you?

2. Well, you're not.

3. This dog actually thinks he's Johnny Depp.

4. Go home, you're drunk.

5. This dog isn't even trying.

6. That top is way too tight for her.

7. She's not even actually sleeping.

8. You can totally tell her nose is fake.

9. Pluto wasn't even a rottweiler.

10. She doesn't even look like a mouse..

11. This dog is trying way too hard.

12. This is clearly a costume.

13. Those are definitely not real ears.

14. Woody? Robin Hood? Who are you?

15. Ok, this one is convincing.

16. Stitch was not that hairy.

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