19 Beyonce Songs That Were Just Made For Disney Characters

#15 works too well.

As any conscious being knows, Beyonce is basically queen of everything. It's fine, we've accepted it, her world domination is what she gets for letting us mere mortals sing to her songs and not hit her notes. Beyonce has given humanity some pretty important anthems, and they don't just work well for us three dimensional folk. They match some Disney characters' lives perfectly. 

Here are some Disney characters whose lives are pretty much summed up with Beyonce songs. We're actually a little frightened by how well some of these Beyonce anthems apply, but we guess we should be used to being blown away by her at this point.


1. Cinderella: Freakum Dress.

2. Stepsisters: Single Ladies.

3. Snow White: Pretty Hurts.

4. Queen: Ego.

5. Ariel: Get Me Bodied.

6. Ursula: Bootylicious.

7. Rapunzel: Me, Myself and I.

8. Mulan: If I Were A Boy.

9. Aurora: Sweet Dreams.

10. Alice: Drunk in Love.

11. Pinocchio: Beautiful Liar.

12. Simba: Survivor.

13. Mufasa: Halo.

14. Elsa: Superpower.

15. Tiana: Jumpin' Jumpin'.

16. Belle: Schoolin' Life.

17. Jasmine: Suga Mama.

18. Buzz Lightyear: Upgrade U

19. Pocahontas: Crazy in Love.


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