Little Leaguer Is Dead To Rights At Home Plate, Then Pulls Off A Miracle

That's some serious athleticism for a child.

This little leaguer's had some big hops.

Devin Avedissian, seen in the video below, took things into his own hands when a play at the plate didn't look like it'd go his way.

After a wild pitch, Avedissian took off from third base and tried to sprint to home plate. Unfortunately, the catcher made it back in time to defend the plate, squaring Avedissian up and, all but certainly, getting ready to tag him out.

Then, Avedissian took a few quick steps and leapt into a two-legged bound right over the catcher's head, avoiding the tag and landing squarely next to home plate where he tagged the bag and got the "safe" signal from the umpire. The run came in a "decisive inning" of the San Marcos Wood Bat Tournament in March 2015, according to this YouTube video's description.



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