This Designer Made An Important Point About Beauty When He Sent Models Down The Runway With Visible Acne

Foundation was left off to let the models' natural skin shine.

The clothes may change at every Fashion Week, but flawless skin is always the featured look. 

Now Malaysian fashion designer Moto Guo is changing that. He recently sent models down the runway with their acne clearly visible at his Milan Men's Fashion Week show — and it made headlines around the world.


Foundation, concealer, and powder were left off models' faces. Instead, some models' blemishes were actually enhanced. Others were given rashes by makeup artists, according to Cosmopolitan UK.

Some have criticized the show for turning acne into a trend, but others are saying that Guo's beauty look is a refreshing change. One Instagram user praised makeup artist Roberta Betti's work from the show, "This is brilliant, extremely beautiful, inspiring and powerful. Thank you for bringing true artistry to the world."

The important point many have made about the show is that it is brilliant that we are actually seeing visible pimples on the runway. It doesn't matter whether they are real, enhanced or fake. 

To see them clearly visible at a massive event shows those who are dealing with acne that you do not need to cover your skin. 

Guo's show has the same body positive message that advertising campaigns like the #AerielReal campaign and ModCloth's latest swimsuit ads promote: Everyone is different and should be celebrated. If you have something that you consider a flaw, you shouldn't cover it up, you should embrace it.

(H/T: Popsugar)


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