A Dentist Fixed A Domestic Violence Survivor's Broken Tooth Free Of Charge

"A moment I will cherish forever."

When Kyleigha Scott paid a visit to dentist Kenny Wilstead seeking a wisdom tooth extraction because one of her teeth had gotten infected, she received much more than she initially bargained for.

Scott, a domestic violence survivor, was missing nearly half of one of her front teeth — the result of a dispute with a former boyfriend on New Year's Eve 2014. The 28-year-old server and cashier from Marshall, Texas said the vicious incident occurred when her then-partner came home and head-butted her in the face as she lay in bed with her 2-month-old niece. "To this day, I still don't know why he did what he did," the hard-working mom told CTVNews.


Scott had tried to have the tooth fixed before, but she lacked the money and told Dr. Wilstead her previous dentist had been unable to repair the damage. That's when Dr. Wilstead, the owner of Marshall Family Dental, knew he needed to step in.

In recounting his exchange with Scott for the Love What Matters Facebook page, Wilstead said his new patient planed to return to him after she received her tax returns so he could "fix all her teeth."

"I said....'Hell no!! We're gonna fix that tooth right now, no charge,'" Wilstead recalled. And that's exactly what he did. As you can see in the video above, Scott was moved to tears and practically speechless the first time she laid eyes on her new tooth, now whole for the first time in several years. 

For Dr. Wilstead, who shared the video clip and additional photos on his own Facebook page, Scott's demeanor and heartfelt reaction was all that mattered. "She didn't ask or expect anything of the sort," Wilstead said of the free procedure, which involved using a crown and only took around 10 minutes to complete. "This was her reaction. A moment I will cherish forever."

The video has garnered hundreds of positive comments, including several from other domestic violence survivors who praised Dr. Wilstead for his kindness. "This made my heart happy!" wrote one.

Not surprisingly, Scott is beyond grateful for all Dr. Wilstead did to help her. "That ten minutes that he took to give me what I thought I lost a long time ago back is the most indescribable, beautiful, joyful emotion," she told CTVNews. "I wish that I could come up with a new word for how I felt."

Though Scott felt uncomfortable smiling before Dr. Wilstead fixed her tooth, she's now happy and confident. "I had to learn how to smile again but now I just can't stop," she explained.

And Dr. Wilstead's generosity doesn't stop there. CTVNews also reports the compassionate dentist offered to provide Scott with a $20,000 smile reconstruction in the coming weeks, for free.

"When I see a patient come to the office and tell me they're going to use all their tax returns or they're going to go out and get a second job, I really appreciate that and I respect that a lot," Dr. Wilstead explained. "If they're willing to do everything on their end then I'm willing to do everything on my mine."

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