Another Capitol Hill Intern Selfie Is Going Viral — This Time For All The Right Reasons

This is what America looks like.

Over the weekend, House Speaker Paul Ryan posted what he likely assumed was a harmless selfie of him with a large group of Republican Capitol Hill interns on his Instagram account. 

The selfie, composed of an overwhelming number of white people, received plenty of flak for its lack of diversity. 


"I think this sets a record for the most number of #CapitolHill interns in a single selfie," his caption read. 

Youth interest in politics is undoubtedly something to celebrate, which Ryan had intended, but though he may not have noticed the blindingly white makeup of the picture, many others sure did.  

In stark contrast to the Republican interns, Democratic Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson responded with a selfie taken by her intern, with the rest of the Democratic Capitol Hill interns. 

"My intern Audra Jackson led Democratic Interns in their own selfie 2day showing #DemInternDiversity," Johnson wrote. 

An internship at Capitol Hill is undeniably a valuable experience, yet Ryan's picture raises many questions about the nature of the Republicans' selection process, as well as the homogenous nature of the party's young base. 

Johnson's photo, on the other hand, received wide praise.


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