Emotional Deleted Scenes From 'Mrs. Doubtfire' Will Make You Miss Robin Williams Even More

"I don't have to pretend to be your father. I may act like a fool, but I am your father."

The 1993 film Mrs. Doubtfire is often remembered for its ridiculous, feel-good comedic moments featuring Robin Williams dressed as a female housekeeper. But a video of deleted footage that recently went viral may make you start to think of it a little differently. 

If you've never seen the film, Williams plays a man who disguises himself as housekeeper as a ruse to trick his ex-wife into allowing him to spend more time with his children. The film is definitely silly, but it also explores some of the complexities of a bitter divorce. 

In the video, this IS made abundantly clear by the intensely emotional scenes. The whole thing reminds us all that not only was Williams a hilarious comedian, but he was also an incredibly talented actor. 

You can watch the scenes in the video below:


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