'Perfect' Women Get 'Radically Honest' About Secrets They Hide From Others

"I was so embarrassed."

When you scroll through your Instagram feed and see photos of fashionistas with perfect outfits, perfect hair, and perfect makeup, it's easy to forget that each and every one of those humans is flawed.   

That's why D.EFECT, a contemporary ready-to-wear brand that celebrates the beauty of imperfections, asked some of these women to reveal the secrets they were hiding from others as part of their #RadicalHonesty movement. Highlighting these secrets, or flaws, is a brilliant way to remind us that it is our imperfections that make us unique and worth celebrating. 

"We are used to only showing the most 'perfect' sides of us," D.EFECT's spokesperson told A Pus in an email. "But it's up to whom to decide what is 'perfect' "?

Scroll down to see some of the secrets.


Fashion blogger who admits not always being glamorous.

Kriste Stankeviciute:

"Back in 2014 during London Fashion Week I was wearing jeans with green fringe at the hem. After the show I was taking off and, surprisingly, my outfit caught the eyes of a few of the most famous fashion photographers in the world. They even followed me outside to take more pictures, and as they did, the guys kept telling me, 'Very good, keep on going, you look stunning, pretend we are not here.' 

I was gracefully climbing the stairs glowing from excitement and amazement when sadly, the next thing I know I've lost my heel, it just fell off my foot. Laughter mixed with disappointment. This was the time when I was so embarrassed I thought I am going to die [sic]!"

Lithuanian designer who's embarrassed about her English skills.

Egle Ziemyte, DEFECT's creative director:

"In spite of all the embarrassment I feel when I am saying this, but I am not able to speak English fluently. This must be my top-secret. I can read and understand almost everything, but I can only speak on a very basic level. When I start to compare myself with my husband, I get really uncomfortable and ashamed."

Stylist and costume designer who keeps forgetting things.

Ula Kotryna Tuleviciute:

"This one is the worst because I'm having a hard time admitting it … but here it is. I keep forgetting everything: names, situations and meetings — even what I was talking about a minute ago. Sometimes I don't remember if I asked a question or said my thoughts loudly. A lot of awkward situations have happened because of this, but luckily I don't remember most of them (I guess there's no surprise here)."

Fashion stylist and blogger who's addicted to her phone.

Faye Tsui:

"I am the worst at multitasking, especially when I'm on my phone. I will get into my own little world whenever my eyes are on that tiny screen. My friends would talk to me while I'm texting, and I would nod and agree with whatever they say."

Fashion writer who doubles as a gamer.

Deimante Bulbenkaite:

"Even though I'm not really susceptible to addictions, there was one thing I had to quit for good as it was starting to, well, mess up my existence. Counter Strike. 

For more than a couple of years, I felt like I was living a double life: fashion writer by day, combat master by night. Sometimes these two would overlap as I would play while still wearing my heels, leather pants and a face full of makeup. And a can of beer by my side. Or three. However, I quit in 2014 and never looked back. An occasional Call of Duty match doesn't count, does it?"

Designer and Fashion Columnist who talks out loud to herself.

Ruby Fung:

"I talk to myself in the shower a lot, but I am not a psycho. My brain gets very active during a shower so my brainstorming or mind mapping process usually starts there, sometimes I would debate with myself with a split personality. That's usually how new inspirations come to me (hopefully the sound of water covers my voice)."

The model who's not happy all the time.

Laura Jaraminaite:

"I love to turn on some sad, maybe even depressing music, so I can think of my life from many different angles. Not only about happy times but also issues or misfortunes."

Don't know how about you guys, but we think all of these women are "perfect" — with rusty English, trouble glamorously walking in heels and passion for video games. One might see them as flaws, but it's also what makes as truly unique.

Check out more of the stories of women getting honest on D.EFECT's website.


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