This Is The Last Booze Party Food Recipe You'll Ever Need

Yes, that's tequila that's been deep-fried.

You know the feeling you get when you discover something perfect on the internet?

...something you immediately want to share with friends; with everyone in the world? That"s how I felt when I discovered the recipe for deep-fried tequila shots on

I"m convinced that tequila gets a bad rap from people who simply drink bad tequila, but whatever. This recipe is awesome and Amy of OhBiteIt was kind enough to let me share it with you.

The best thing is this recipe is so easy that even a drunk could do it. Well, maybe not, unless that drunk likes being burned by hot oil or seeing a kitchen go up in flames. It's still pretty easy, though.

Everything great is about to happen

Here's what you need:

Tequila (or any other liquor!)
Angel food cake
Oil for frying (Amy used Canola oil)
Lime zest
Powdered sugar

Cube the cake. Dip the cubes into tequila...

Amy writes, "keep in mind, the more you dip...the stronger they will be." We're going to take that more as a suggestion than a warning, so dip away!

Gently slip cubes into 2" of oil heated to 350º F

GENTLY. You're dealing with hot oil and tequila-soaked cake. You should probably avoid splashing.

Dry and cool on paper towels

Because if you're deep-frying tequila, you need to preserve whatever you can of your health.

Sprinkle with powdered sugar and serve in lime zest and frosting-rimmed shot glasses

Invite friends over. If you don't have any, you're about to make some. If you still don't have any, it doesn't matter because you have deep-fried tequila cake shots.

(Or just grab a fork)

Please check out more of Amy"s amazing recipes and beautiful pictures atOh, Bite it!. You should also like her Facebook page, because it's FULL of stuff like this.

Source: Recipe (adapted) and pictures used with kind permission from Amy at

Like this? Ready to open a bakery/bar? Great! Please share this (and your tequila) with your friends.


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