Here Are Your Deepest, Darkest Fears, In Comic Form

Has he drawn yours, yet?

Good news, or maybe not-so-good news, for those with deep-seeded and/or irrational fears. 

An anonymous comic artist who goes by Deep Dark Fears on Tumblr and Instagram is doing just that: bringing everyone's deep dark fears to life in the form of a comic. Perhaps it's cathartic to say your fears out loud, and so is knowing that you're not alone in your fears.

Still, after viewing the images we're a little more anxious than usual. 

Check out some of the artists' work below or visit his page to see them all, if you can handle it.

"There's something about Mary"

Mind Reading Woes

"Winter Wonderland"


So itchy

Belly Buttons Exposed

Shallow Water

FInal Destination Style

Baby In Box


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