15 Puppy Heroes That Are Fully Committed To Napping Everywhere

These little fellows get it.

For some folks, naps are just a chance to catch up on sleep. For others though, it's an art form. 


1. It's good to change up blood flow every now and then.

2. Excel gets exhausting, we totally get it.

3. Viparita karani isn't just a great yoga pose for humans.

4. Skylines are only so interesting for so long.

5. Bowl napping is an incredibly efficient approach.

6. Sometimes you need to carve out your own legroom.

7. When you abandoned plans for that morning run.

8. Sitting up is a great way to look alert.

9. We wish we were tanning on the beach too.

10. When the jig is up.

11. Head nooks take on many forms.

12. Desk beds are for the most efficient puppies.

13. Anything can be a pillow if you're committed enough.

14. Why choose between sofa cushions?

15. Yep, belly up is the best way to do it.

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