Scope It Out: Lifestyle Tips For Your December Horoscope

Get the most out of your month.

Scope it Out is an original A Plus Lifestyle series: Each month, we take a lighthearted approach to horoscopes, and provide lifestyle advice based on each zodiac sign to optimize the positivity in your month. 


Every month we like to present some tips and tricks to improve your lifestyle based on your horoscope. Now, we aren't saying these predictions are based on facts or anything, but that doesn't mean we can't have a little fun with them. After all, if there's anything we need more of in the last month of 2016, it's fun. 

Take a look at what lifestyle improvements you can make — whether that be clothes you wear, activities you engage in, or products to buy for new hobbies — based on your December horoscope. 

Sagittarius says: "December 2016 is the month for a good rest and to relax — you really need a mental break over December to unwind as it has been a very busy and fast-paced year ... Even if you cannot slow down as such and put your feet up, it is important to do things that are recreational and relaxing, and which allow you to switch off. There is the temptation to down the alcohol this Christmas, be careful to do everything in moderation."

We recommend: This month is all about relaxing, so slip into comfy slippers, and watch some Netflix with a friend or boo, wrapped in a nice fleece blanket. You can even relax over the holidays with some Christmas-themed pajamas and a hot mug of tea or hot chocolate. 

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Capricorn says: "Career issues will command over family and emotional aspects of life. Freewill and personal enterprise will dominate this month over social communication. You have to make sure that you will not hurt others in this process. Capricorn, while being independent, you have to be tactful in your dealings with other people."

We recommend: This month, you'll be hyper-focused on your career and business opportunities. Grab some stylin' frames for your glasses, a watch so you won't be late to meetings, and a nice pantsuit in honor of you know who. That said, be sure to try to balance your time so as not to leave friends and family out of the picture. Sending a simple note or picking up the phone to just say you are thinking about them can mean a whole lot. 

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Aquarius says: "Your professional accomplishments will bring happiness to the family. Social contacts will support your career ambitions. December 2016 will enable you to guide your life as per your own wishes. Personal enterprise dominates over social grace for the Aquarius born. You have the will-power to face the challenges without others help. However it will be prudent to get your friends support on your way to success during the Mercury Retrograde."

We recommend: This month you'll be super busy with work. Networking is important, so make sure you're dressed for the job you want. Also, be prepared to face those challenges, both physical and mental. Perhaps take up a boxing class as a way to get your body and mind ready for fight mode. 

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Pisces says: "You love to get creative on the 11th and 12th, and you never know how your artistic nature will unfold. Will you make an amazingly delicious gourmet meal? Or perhaps sketch, paint or sculpt a masterpiece? The universe can't wait to find out. Health and fitness are the focus on the 17th and 18th, and trying a new sport or exercise is tops on your priority list. Don't expect to be good your first time trying something; there's always a learning curve, Pisces." 

We recommend: This month access your inner child through your creative endeavors. Whatever your outlet is, be prepared with the proper materials so you can self-express whenever inspiration strikes. Perhaps pick up some paints and a canvas, or a good recipe book for when you want to cook your latest creation. Maybe even try an adult coloring book. Between bouts of creative productivity, go for a jog or walk to make your body as happy as your mind. 

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Aries says: "Traveling is on the agenda on the 27th and 28th, and while an open-ended ticket around the world would be nice, you'll settle for any distance you can put between you and your regular everyday life." 

We recommend: It's clear that this month you'll need some travel gear. A practical backpack for that solo trip you might take through South America or East Asia is essential. Don't forget to pick up a journal and a camera so you can keep an account of all your amazing new experiences. If you're not feeling the "big adventure," simply take a day trip somewhere with a picnic basket and a friend. 

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Taurus says: "Even if you've had your share of problems lately (who hasn't!), you can appreciate all that's good right now. You're one lucky Bull. It helps to have some mediation when an argument gets out of hand on the 17th and 18th, especially if you're dealing with someone who can't see the error of their own ways. You aren't perfect, but you have some very valid ideas that are worth listening to. Make sure the world hears them."

We recommend: Sometimes when you voice strong opinions or concerns, the other person can feel attacked, putting them on the defensive. That said, your points may be valid and what better way to get them across than to simply write them down in a letter? Writing often helps control your tone, and editing ensures that you carefully choose your words, and don't say something you may regret. If writing isn't your thing, perhaps take your friend out for a calming activity while you talk things out, like taking them out for some tea, or a walk around the neighborhood. 

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Gemini says: "The 2016 December zodiac predictions suggest that your social life will be dazzling and your charming magnetism will be high. There will be many social activities and celebrations ... Love is chasing you and you will have abundant opportunities to form romantic sexual relationships." 

We recommend: This month is all about feeling flirty and social. Sometimes just knowing you're wearing lingerie can help boost your confidence, regardless if anyone else sees it. Try a little black dress for a date night. Chocolate and oysters are, of course, everyone's favorite aphrodisiacs ... though we wouldn't recommend trying them together. Chocolate covered oysters is not going to make anyone's month better, we promise.

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Cancer says: "Your creative energy shines on the 18th and 19th, and it's almost a crime you haven't shared your hidden talents with the world. Get out there on stage and show them what you've got, Cancer. After all, you only live once! Something challenges your blissful happiness on the 24th, 25th or 26th, but you aren't going to let it stop you in your tracks. Progress can be made once you decide not to let the naysayers get you down."

We recommend: Sometimes all you need to ease out of your shell is a statement piece. A bright and funky garment will do the talking for you, and invite others in for conversation. Once you're the center of attention, you might find that's where you belong, and feel inspired to tap into your performative side even more. Get some tap shoes if that strikes your fancy. Or perhaps some masks for theater performance, or an instrument to practice. 

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Leo says:  "You're borderline obsessed with your self-image on the 11th and 12th, and may set a record for number of selfies taken. Why is it so important to you that other people like you? Turning the focus inward isn't always fun, but it's necessary to figure out what's truly going on in there."

We recommend: This month you'll be wanting a new mirror. Sometimes vanity can be good for your self-esteem, and to really glam it up, you'll be needing some lipstick, eyeliner, and maybe even some fake eyelashes. Be careful not to stay in the vanity phase for too long, however. Be sure to be self-reflective, write in your journal, and ask yourself why all the mirror time has been so important to you this month. 

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Virgo says: "When you show your uber-tidy closet or work desk to your friends/coworkers, they'll be jealous at first — then they'll want you to help them with their messy space! Everyone wants to rush you on the 27th and 28th, but you're comfy in your own little bubble. If there's a slow lane, you should be in it." 

We recommend: This month you'll be wanting some organizational shelves, and tools to clean up the clutter. Check out some life hacks on ways to tidy up around the house and office. After everything is all cleaned up, you'll want to crawl in bed with a cozy onesie and comforter. 

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Libra says: "You love to experience new things on the 13th and 14th, and even though you aren't sure of what lies ahead you aren't afraid to take the first step. Bringing a friend along for the ride will make things twice as much fun. You're feeling a bit greedy on the 24th, 25th and 26th, but it's your hard-earned money, and there's no rule about sharing. The time will come when you need a favor, though, and karma can be brutal. Keep that in mind before you turn someone down."

We recommend: Splurge a little on the things you love the most. Whether that be some nice outerwear for winter, a pair of shoes, a purse, or a backpack, you deserve it. Even better is getting something that can be shared with a friend, like a gaming system, or a trip for two to a spa. 

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Scorpio says: "Your preference to be a wallflower is challenged when you're called onstage or put in the spotlight on the 17th and 18th, but luckily you do well under pressure. Having all eyes on you isn't your first choice, but maybe you could get used to the attention and applause."

We recommend: This month, you'll want to rid yourself of anything drab, because you are going to be the brightest star in the galaxy. Whether you like it or not, seems you'll be getting some well-deserved recognition for your work, so stand tall in while being on the receiving end of the applause. If being the center of attention makes you nervous, perhaps try some calming activities before having to get on stage, such as yoga or simply having a cup of tea. 

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