Gripping Poem Painfully Describes The Enormous Burden Carried By EMTs

Deceit: the dark mask that conceals guilt and pain.

We discovered R.J. Walker's poem "Deceit and I" through an unusual medium for slam poetry: in an imgur post, uploaded by user 80sCartoon

Walker, who  SLC RAWards named 2015's "Performance Artist of the Year," talks about his experiences during his five years as an emergency medical technician in this latest poem. 

The Imgur slideshow is stunning, but to hear Walker's poem is an entirely different — albeit, just as heartbreaking — experience in poignancy. 


Here's R.J. Walker reading "Deceit and I" earlier this year in Washington D.C. 

Many thanks to Button Poetry for this fantastic video.

For more from R.J. Walker, check out his website or take a look at his offerings here. You may also follow him on Facebook.


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