These Death Defying Stunts Should Never Be Tried, Yet These Guys Do It Anyway

Literally just hangin' out.

These two guys are absolutely nuts. They keep popping up on the internet, performing feats that literally no one should ever try.


However, they do it anyway and constantly push the limits of terror. Their stunts make for some awesome footage, but again, you should never tempt death the way these guys do. Just look at that!

Clearly these guys belong in some high flying circus act or Olympics. You'll see why once you watch their videos...

This is nothing new for the duo though. Before this video surfaced, they previously performed some similar acts in Dubai. How you perform a backflip on a ledge that can't be more than a foot wide is just....

Yea, that's just ridiculous.

Their new stunts might not involve backflips, but is nevertheless extremely dangerous. These two must have a very close bond, because one little slip and you are done.

Yet, they act this is just all in a typical day. You know, just a casual stroll on top of a building about 60 stories high.

Who brought the sandwiches for the afternoon picnic? 

Watch both death defying videos below.


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