11 Popular Treats Paired Next To How Much Sugar Is Actually In Them

No, Nutella! Say it isn't so!

Have you ever been enjoying a delicious snack or beverage, only to casually look at the nutrition facts and be totally horrified you put that food in your body? 

Well, now you can literally see how much sugar is in popular treats thanks to the Instagram account Dealerdesucre. "Dealer de sucre" or sugar dealer is an apt name since these snacks are basically your gateway to the "drug" that is pure refined sugar. The account posts photos of foods and beverages next to the amount of sugar in them, with each cube representing five grams of sugar. For reference, the World Health Organization recommends limiting your total sugar intake to roughly 25 grams a day. That makes the Nutella image pretty heartbreaking, to say the least. 

There's something so much worse about seeing the amount of sugar in a physical form that just reading the amount on the label. 


See for yourself:

1. A jar of creamy peanut butter has 39g of sugar.

2. A chocolate muffin has 35g of sugar.

3. A 45g packet of M&Ms has 25g of sugar.

4. A 440g jar of Nutella has 249g of sugar.

5. A can of regular Coca-Cola has 35g of sugar.

6. A sleeve of Mentos has 22.7g of sugar.

7. 100g of Double Stuffed Oreos have 43g of sugar. There's 6.1g per every cookie.

8. A Starbucks Caramel Macchiato cup has 20g of sugar.

9. A bottle of Arizona Blueberry White Tea has 42.5g of sugar.

10. 100g of 70 percent dark chocolate has 30g of sugar.

11. A classic cheeseburger has 12.5g of sugar.

This Instagram account is a wake-up call for anyone not paying much attention to their sugar intake. The good news is educating yourself on the amount of sugar in the foods you eat can help you make healthier choices. After all, there are tons of health benefits associated with cutting down on your sugar intake, from weight loss to reducing inflammation. 

So spread the word, and start looking for healthier snack alternatives! 

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